San Fran Toy Ban

In an effort to save children from obesity, a San Francisco law recently went into effect banning toys from being included with unhealthy foods.  Supervisor Eric Mar was able to admirably defend his latest restriction on the free market.

In response, McDonald’s lawfully removed toys from their disgusting, yet highly popular, Happy Meals.  However, they decided to allow customers to add on a toy for a mere ten cents extra.  Obviously, this violates the spirit of the well meaning ban.

This optional toy upgrade must be extremely frustrating for a politician like Mar, who obviously knows more than the stupid people he represents.  Why would any company circumvent a law that protects children?  Does McDonald’s want every child to be unhealthy?

As a parent, I recognize that I’m not bright enough to teach my kids about healthy eating.  Whenever they want a Happy Meal, I am obligated as a father to get it for them.  I have written my local government begging for them to also pass this law so that my kids will no longer force me to make them obese.  Like any good citizen, it’s time for my children to start learning total dependence on their benevolent rulers.

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