TSA Heroes

Generals are often accused of fighting the last war. This is often insufficient since an opponent may use new tactics and strategies.

So it is great to see a government agency FINALLY getting ahead of our enemies’ evil plans.

The TSA knows that at some point, someone, somewhere will convince children or the elderly to board a plane and perform some vile action.  By actively fondling everyone, they’re showing the evildoers of the world that this potential plan will never work.

Excuses like “I’m visiting my family” and “I’m going to Disney World” are just the kind of lines that someone with alterior motives would use.  Nice try, terrorist wanna-be.  Talk is cheap so let’s get to the groping.

Having said all that, I’d like to give a big salute to our heroes at the TSA who courageously gave up collecting unemployment to keep us safe… one inappropriate squeeze at a time…

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2 Responses to TSA Heroes

  1. While I get the point of your post, believe it or not the Taliban has used kids as young as 7 years old as suicide bombers. So in certain cases, it really isn’t THAT far-fetched.

  2. Gerty says:

    the police/security have also carried out attacks. So what’s your point?

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